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How to Write a Love Letter

In this competitive Bay Area, California real estate market, often times it's recommended that buyers submit a "love letter" along with their offer.  When I mention this to my clients, they have ...Read More

How Much Is This House Worth?

"How much do you think this house will go for?", is the million dollar (quite literally!) question we often get as a Realtor.  In this wild Bay Area housing market, no one can predict what a hous...Read More

Pros & Cons of Moving "Through The Tunnel".

"Through the tunnel" is how people living around here define the two areas separated by the Caldecott tunnel.  The Caldecott is a four bore tunnel via highway 24, which goes through the Berkeley ...Read More

How to Rent In the Bay Area.

One of the most common requests I get as a Bay Area realtor is help with finding rentals. The rental market is tight now, with prices high and competition steep.There used to be a much bigger demand f...Read More

Tips on Instagram for Business.

Is Social Media important for businesses?  Yes it is, and maybe soon people will stop asking that question. By now it should be a part of all marketing, advertising and PR plans. Importantly, if ...Read More

Urban Chalet.

If I ever have a renovation, remodel or design project to do, I know who to call.Angela and I met as cubicle neighbors at our banking jobs, in San Francisco, back in the heydays of the late 1990's. &n...Read More

The Lowdown on Upper Rockridge.

Here's how it goes for many families who live in the Bay Area...You're younger and maybe single and move to San Francisco. You live in the city and you're living it up. Working, enjoying the nightlife...Read More

Cocktails and Luxury Consignment

It turns out that school fundraiser parties can rule your social life, and it's a great way to get you out, be with friends and raise money at the same time.  You bid on being a party guest, and ...Read More

Oakland Art Murmur - First Fridays

An especially fun event to go to is the monthly Oakland Art Murmur - First Friday, held on most first fridays of every month.  It's a great example of what makes Oakland great.It's a night t...Read More

Amazing Napa & The CIA.

The Bay Area is close to the sea, mountains, desert and... of course wine country, or more specifically Napa and St. Helena.  I've been to Italy many times, visiting family there.  And when ...Read More

Kitchen On Fire - Cooking Indian.

For Mothers Day I received a gift certificate to Kitchen On Fire, a cooking school in Berkeley.I signed up for an evening class called, A Summer Taste of Punjab.Taking that class was heavenl...Read More

Pork Belly & Off The Grid.

I'm a sucker for food trucks.  I'm always tempted by what they have to offer. With out the constraints and costs of running a traditional restaurant, food trucks are independent, nimble and ...Read More

Tiny Homes. Really Tiny.

I came across this movement of Tiny Homes.  Have you heard of it?  I don't know if "movement" is the right word, but it is a thing for sure.  Downsizing and simplifying, livin...Read More

Taco Truck - Sinaloa.

Once in a while I get obsessed with a food item and I keep on having to go back and back for more. I cannot get enough of it.  More recently, for a few years now, one of my crazes is th...Read More

Adventure Land Playground - Berkeley

The amazing thing about the Bay Area is that there are truly endless things to do. From restaurants, to parks to hikes, to museums, to.... anything.  I have lived here for sixteen years and ...Read More
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Leslie Whitney
Leslie Whitney